JoomBeat module

Beatport releases module for Joomla 1.6/1.7/2.5.

Put Beatport releases on your Joomla site and provide direct links to Beatport's shop pages.





  • Shows releases based on artists-, labels-, genres-, charts-, single releases- or single tracks Beatport ID's.
  • Highly configurable.
  • Nice slider view
  • Very cool sample player.
  • Uses Joomla language system.
  • Uses Joomla Tooltips (can be turned off).
  • Use multiple instances of the module on one page.
  • Direct links to Beatport pages.
  • Can be styled from the modules's configuration (Joomla backend/Module Manager)
  • Style settings can be turned of for Template styling.


  • Joomla 1.6, 1.7 or 2.5.
  • CURL enabled on your server.
  • Java-script enabled in client's browser settings.

Tested on
Firefox 5+, Chrome 5+, Safari 4+, IExplorer 8+, Opera11

Update history

mod_beatport 1.1
GPL license Notice added to php files for JED approval
GPL license Notice added to xml file for JED approval

mod_beatport 1.1.1
Small text bug in "Popular releases" selection field in configuration.

mod_beatport 2.0
Module structure rewritten to make it more expandable
Info by Genre option added
Loads of configuration options added
Styling from the module's configuration made possible

mod_beatport 2.0.2
Genre/Featured releases fixed. (Bug due to API change at Beatport.)

mod_beatport 2.0.3
Fixed some minor issues generating PHP notices.
Fixed tooltip collaps created by quotes in content

mod_beatport 2.1.0
Added selection based on chart-, single release- and single track- Beatport ID's.
Fixed all issues generating PHP notices.
Cleaned HTML output

mod_beatport 2.2.0
Campatible with the new Beatport API and authentication system
Genre section (temporary) removed because of new API structure sending to little information 

Clicking "download" will lead you to the license details. It will not force you to buy.

The download is currently not available because of a change in Beatport's API policy (again)